Our Models



With the goal to attend graduate school after reaching her goals at the University of Arkansas— Fort Smith, Madison is aspiring to be a physical therapist for the NBA. Madison loves HCSCo’s graphic tees and how cozy our jeans are. She loves to hang out with Slater (her cat) and going out dancing. With a world full of destinations, New Zealand is her “go-to” spot. Madison works part time at HCSCo in customer service and is a hair and makeup professional at a local salon. She is a busy girl, but can always be found at HCSCo!




Euylan is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and currently a store manager. He loves to read, run, play video games, and work out at the gym. Euylan’s main goal is to enjoy the fulfillment of finishing his day knowing that he did his best. Euylan was super excited when he discovered our graphic tees. His favorite is our "Dirty South" tee. If you've never hung out with this guy, you are seriously missing out!




With a creative and crafty mindset, Lara loves to paint, bake, and listen to music. Her all-time favorite HCSCo pieces are the MidSummer Night Hi-Lo dress and the super comfy Supreme Skinnies. Lara is currently a freshman at the University of Arkansas—Fort Smith and is majoring in Business Administration. After she graduates from college she someday hopes to travel the world, with Ireland and New Zealand first on the list. We are super proud of this girl!




Lexy is our feisty girl! She is currently employed by Arvest Bank and is a Social Work major at the University of Arkansas— Fort Smith, interning with Fort Smith Public Schools. She is very involved with the campus and community. Lexy is a member of the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, meaning she's dedicated and goal oriented. This girl takes times out of her schedule to aid the SWSN and has future plans to volunteer at Hope Campus! When asked about her favorite part of HCSCo, she says, "I love that straight or curvy, HCSCo keeps you on trend with boho chic or edgy styles." She loves the jeans, fun tops, and of course, the graphic tees!




Sydney is a student athletic trainer that eats, drinks, and sleeps football! Although football takes up most of her time, she never hesitates to help with the volunteer work at her church. On a recent vacation, Sydney fell in love with Bulgaria and its culture; she cannot wait to return! She is hardworking and a soon to be high school graduate. Her favorite thing about HCSCo is the staff and how sweet they are to her. (We happen to think she is pretty incredible too!) Her favorite item from the boutique right now is the Cranberries Dress. Peep our Instagram page to see how amazing she looks in it!




Ambitious, kind, and strong is how you'd describe Kandiss. She is currently a barista at Sweetbay, bringing all of our pumpkin spice dreams to life! She says that what she loves about HCSCo is that when she is here, she feels surrounded by positivity and female empowerment! She boasts that she has plenty of favorite items from the boutique but that her Gold Dust Woman Maxi Dress is definitely her current fave. With the goal to become fluent in French, there isn't a place on the map that Kandiss wouldn't want to go! Catch her chilling at the lake or getting those gains at the gym. 




As a soon to be a 4th-grade teacher, Hannah is working on her Bachelors in Elementary Education at Southeastern Oklahoma State University! She's is kind, welcoming, and enjoys traveling. With the dream to visit Belize, Hannah loves spending time with her friends and family whether its watching sports or taking a nap! She loves how welcomed she feels at HCSCo and that our jeans are super comfy and affordable.




Aaliyah heads our marketing team at HCSCo! She is a Senior at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, grinding her way to graduation! As a young mother and a future Brand Ambassador, Aaliyah loves being in front and behind the camera. She has been dabbling with videography and directing. With spunk and a can-do attitude, she is on her way to do big things! Catch her rollerblading at the park or behind a camera lens!




Currently living her dream, Erica is an award-winning barber at Primetime Barbershop. She loves to shop and kick ass at Mario Kart. Other than a trip to visit Hawaii being set in motion, Erica strives to live a simple and minimal life, worry-free of material things. With her current success and thriving career, she is conquering her dreams. Erica says that HCSCo is her favorite boutique because she can always find plus sized items that she can't find anywhere else. If you haven't seen her in action at Fort Smith's finest barbershop, then you must go to Primetime!




Penelope is seven years old and a 2nd grader at Alma Primary School. She loves to dance, cheer, do gymnastics, and is always trying on new outfits and putting on her own makeup. Penelope is an aspiring model but can also be found riding her 4-wheeler and shooting her crossbow. Her favorite thing about HCSCo is getting to hang out with all of the older girls and walking with them in fashion shows.